Dear Preston: Recently my employee asked me to write her a letter of recommendation, and I am at a lost.



Dear Preston:

One of my employees that worked for me for ten years is moving cites and just quit, while working with me doing production. I thought she did a good job. After she had left, I have been hearing from clients and vendors what a bitch (excuse my language) she was. Recently she asked me to write her a letter of recommendation, and I am at a lost. What should I do?

At a lost

Dear At a Lost:

There is something very disturbing about your question. Do you mean to tell me that this person that worked for you almost ten years was a “bitch,” according to others, and you never saw it? Any of this makes no sense to me, how is it possible! Unless you ignored to see her ugly side for ten years, because it was a convenience for you or you may now simply question the “hearsay” from others that you have been hearing after she left.

I think, in this scenario, you could have a meeting with this past employee in question, and confront her with the accusations you heard, especially the ones coming from your clients, and give her one chance to explain and defend herself. This person’s response and her expressions would say a lot. After that; I think you should follow your heart and see if she deserves a good letter of recommendation.

On a personal note, when more than one client would tell me that she was trouble and nothing more than that, then I’ll tell her to forget that good letter and get lost.

Dear Readers:

What would you do, If you were in At a lost shoes?