Dear Preston: My Mom Wants Me to Wear Two Wedding Dresses


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Dear Preston,

My fiancé and I are planning a fall wedding, and, after shopping for six months, I finally found the perfect wedding gown. It’s traditional with lace yet still has a modern twist.

The problem is my mother. She’s insisting I get a second dress for the reception. I know a lot of brides get two dresses, but I love my wedding gown, and I want to wear it all night.

Can you please tell my mother one dress is enough?

A Fall Bride

Dear Fall Bride’s Mother,

I love that you want to give your daughter a wonderful wedding, and I also love that you have strong opinions about what she deserves and should have. Nonetheless — and I say this with great respect — let her be. Let your daughter enjoy her wedding dress for her entire wedding and reception.

Plus, this way, you can use the money you would have spent on a second dress on more flowers instead! (Am I right or am I right, florists?)

True Story: one of my brides loved her wedding dress so much that she slept in it on her wedding night. (Her poor groom!)

Dear Readers, how do you feel about the trend of brides changing into multiple dresses throughout the course of their wedding? Have any of your brides had more than one wedding dress?

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