Dear Preston: My Man Won’t Shave His Beard For Our Wedding. I’m So Upset!



Dear Preston:

I am having a huge fight with my  fiancé. We are having a winter wedding. At the moment, he has a beard that he is quite proud of and refuses to shave for our wedding. I don’t know about you, but I just do not understand the new beard trend that is currently in fashion. At first, I thought it was a cute change when he grew it. But now, he seems so attached to it that he is insisting on keeping it. That’s when the big fight started. I refuse to walk down the aisle with a man that has a beard that makes him look like a terrorist. Help!

No beard.

Dear Bearded Lady:

What do I think? I think he is being very stubborn and you are being very controlling. To be very honest with you, I am concerned about your future union. If the both of you are struggling to reach a compromise on this simple issues, I wonder how you will survive a major issue once you are married. I also have a question for you: how would you feel if he told you that he didn’t like your new hair color and refused to walk down the aisle with you unless you changed it to his liking?

It may sound as though I am defending your guy, but please keep in mind that this is also his wedding. I think that, if you love him, you’ll marry him (with or without the beard) and allow him to have his own voice and come to his own decision about how he would like to look at his own wedding.

The one suggestion I have is that you might ask him how he will feel in 10 years when beards are no longer in fashion. As with all trends, we run the risk of photos looking dated. Perhaps that will change his mind. If not, you can ask him why holding onto his beard is so important to him. Maybe he’s doing it to prove a point, annoy you or gain some control.

But maybe the guy just loves his beard.

Readers: Am I wrong to take this man’s side in this? What is your advice to this bride?




P.S. I love this photo of a very happily bearded real couple by Claire Eliza.