Dear Preston: My Florist Is Charging Me $10,000 More. Not Fair!


Dear Preston

Dear Preston:

I have a question about my budget that I am hoping you can help me with.  My first wedding was just two years ago.  I thought I was marrying Prince Charming but a year into it, I accepted that he was Prince Nightmare and ended the marriage.  Ten months ago, I met my wonderful new husband-to-be and we plan to marry this year.  The one thing I loved about my  first wedding was the flowers.  Even though my friends are cautioning me against courting bad luck by using the same florist, I intend to do so.  My issue is that this florist is now asking $25,000 for the flowers; that’s $10,000 more than I paid last time.  You would think that my being a repeat client would mean that I would get a discount or at least the same deal.  Do you agree?  Do you think my florist is being fair?

Frustrated Flower Lover

Dear Frustrated:

I can appreciate your loyalty in using the same florist for both of your weddings and I am glad to know that you are not listening to your well-intentioned (yet silly) friends.  I have done two or three weddings for the same bride and they all appear to be very happy with their new spouses.  Now, let’s discuss the increase in price in regards to your flowers.  I do not have all of the details, so forgive me, but I suspect that if you are not asking for more flowers (an obvious increase in price) your florist may have realized that he or she was not making a profit with the $15,000 package and decided to make a professional decision to increase this across the board. I suggest you ask your florist to give you an itemized list and a clear explanation for the increase.  What is fair on both sides is for you to ask him or her to explain and you to be open to their explanation. While you want a deal and the florist wants your business, he or she must also make a living.

In the end, I want to wish you nothing but the very best on your wedding day and in your new life with your new husband.

Readers:  Do you think the florist is being fair or greedy?  Do you think there should be special consideration given to repeat clients? What do you feel are the reasons behind the increase?



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Photo Courtesy of John Labbe