Dear Preston: My Florist Does Not Respect My Suggestions

planning preston bailey blog

planning preston bailey blog

Dear Readers,

I could not resist blogging for you this week.  This letter just came in, and I wanted to respond in a timely manner.


Dear Preston:

I am a planner who was hired by the sister of a former client who recommended me by commending my good taste.  I am working with a florist who does not respect my talents. While working with this floral designer, I made a few suggestions as to what style of flowers my client might like.  He was quick to point out that he does not tell me how to plan, and I should not instruct him on how to design flowers. Am I being too sensitive or is he just an egotistical fool?



Dear Disrespected:

I have been in this situation before. Having worked with planners in the past who tried to tell me exactly how to design my flowers. It used to drive me crazy as I felt the planner in question did not respect me enough to allow me to interpret my clients’ dreams in my own way. I would like to think I have grown since then and would like to share what I have learned in the years that have followed.

1. Even if I were the best floral designer in the world, understanding the needs of brides is not always easy.

2. Most of the time, planners have a much closer relationship with clients, so why not rely on their opinion?

3. When working with an outside planner, I have learned to embrace their feedback and opinion as long as they allow me to do my job which is to create an exciting arrangement.

Please remember that you are working with an artist, Disrespected.  As a planner, you might want to make careful suggestions but do allow him to do his job.  Most florists are in this business because they truly love what they do. Try not to crush that creativity with your own.  Collaboration is the name of the game.


 As a florist, are you open to receiving creative input from your planner? 

As a planner, do you feel you should have the right to tell your florist what to design



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