Dear Preston: My estimate is been shared with my competitors.


PB 2014 1 18-1161

Dear Preston:

I am a florist in Texas, and I want your expert advice. My company got considered for a big wedding. Unfortunately, we did not get it.

Last week, I found out that my potential client shared my written estimate and proposal to the vendor that got hired for the same job. I feel angry and in a way violated, I am tempted to send an email to this client, expressing my anger, What do you think?

Dear Angry:

To be honest with you, I have always been curious to know, what my competitors’ estimates look like, and I have had clients share quite a few with me from time to time.

This knowledge is crucial in realizing once in a while, that we are not as expensive as most people think we are. I am sure that my estimates been shared with many others in the industry, I believe it is just a part of doing business. If I were you, would let go and leave up to God. Whatever happened, can’t be undone. You would not accomplish anything by sending an angry email to this potential client. My advice to anyone reading is that you should always choose your battles carefully. In other words, you should think about the outcome and in this case you would get nothing except for hurt. Let’s hope that the company that got hired to do the job saw your estimate after and not before they got hired.

How do you feel about competitors looking at you estimate? Has this been an issue for you?