Dear Preston: My Entire Family Is Against Me Becoming A Planner



Dear Preston:

I am a new planner who has just began to make my transition from finance to events. Planning has been my dream and passion since I was a little girl but I never really felt confident enough to go for it. Well, after years of  making “big money” in the markets, I decided to give myself a chance at the life I have always wanted. The issue: no one in my family is supportive. My husband thinks I am having a midlife crisis, my kids think I am “too old” (I am 42) and my parents told me I am “throwing my money away.” I am really passionate about this but I feel like maybe I am being foolish. What do you think?

No Support


Dear No Support:

I want to first tell you how amazingly proud of you I am. Do you have any idea how much courage it takes to follow your heart and go for what you have wanted since childhood in the face of a complete revolt? The word foolish isn’t what comes to mind, but brave. I am going to let you in on a little secret; every person reading this knows what you are going through. We have all had someone try and dissuade us, crush our dreams and challenge our confidence. It’s hurtful when it is people we love the most, but try and understand that change is not always as easy for those around us as it is for us when we know we need it in order to survive and thrive.

I encourage you to stay on your path and understand that your loved ones are confused and will likely stop with the comments when they see just how happy you are and how much more passion you have for what you do. You will face all of the challenges of a new business owner and you will absolutely have moments when you question leaving the security you once had, but remember that everything new is a challenge. That’s what makes it exciting, and the unknown isn’t always negative. In fact, there are some wonderful things just waiting for you out there.