Dear Preston: My Destination Wedding Hotel Lied to Me


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Dear Preston,

I’m getting married in Cancun, and I just found out that the hotel lied to me about price. They told me they were going to give me fifty percent off their regular price, but now it’s only going to be a fifteen percent discount!!! I am really mad! I signed the contract, but now I want to cancel it.

I am trying to find a wedding coordinator who can help me move everything out of this place, and take it to Playa del Carmen. What should I do???

Distressed Bride

Dear Distressed,

You have every right to be upset; there is a huge difference between a fifty percent discount and a fifteen percent one! However, even though you’re mad, be careful not to act too hasty, because you might end up spending even more money.

So, let’s take this one step at a time. Did the contract explicitly say you were going to get a fifty percent discount? If so, the hotel can’t arbitrarily change their rate to fifteen percent now. That doesn’t make any sense.

Be aware when something sounds too good to be true. Usually, there is some kind of fine print, which I suspect may be the situation you’ve encountered.

What time of year are you getting married? Hotels often run specials during the low season; maybe they were offering a fifty percent discount during the low season but only fifteen percent during the high season.

Before you commit to another location like Playa del Carmen, make sure you get ALL the proper information and read ALL the fine print on what’s included for what price.

This unfortunate situation is one reason I advise couples who want a destination wedding to find a reputable wedding planner in the city they plan to marry before signing anything. A good planner can help avoid misunderstandings.

Dear Readers, how do you feel about destination weddings? Folks tend to think they’re cheaper, but I’m not convinced that’s always the case. Have the destination weddings you’ve helped plan been more cost efficient? What’s your opinion?

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