Dear Preston: My Bride Wants a Sample Bridal Bouquet


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Dear Preston,

I’m a florist, and when I get a job I create the perfect table setting to show my bride exactly what she will be getting. Most of the time, my brides are so moved they embrace their moms or best friends and get teary-eyed. I also believe in giving my brides as much information as possible about what to expect on their wedding day.

But then last week one of my brides insisted I show her a sample of her bridal bouquet. I typically allocate money for a table presentation but not for a bouquet. So, I told her that was fine but that I’d need to charge her for it. She was not happy. What should I do?

– Uncertain Florist

Dear Uncertain,

This is easy. Show her the sample. Years ago I tried to create the ultimate bouquet for one of my brides. Unfortunately, she hated it. In fact, she hated it so much that when I saw her a few years later, she was still upset about it!

You must understand that this isn’t about money; this is about a bride who needs to be able to visualize herself carrying her bouquet down the aisle. In most cases, brides are happy with a detailed description, but since this bride is insistent, give her what she wants. And next time, be sure to allocate the funds.

Keep in mind, too, that on the day of the wedding, you’re likely going to have a very nervous bride on your hands. And the last thing you want is for her to be unhappy with her bouquet. That will not help.

Dear Readers, what do you think of this florist’s predicament? What advice would you give her? Please share.

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