Dear Preston:

I have always heard that you are upfront about your mistakes. As I recently made a very terrible one, I would like to know your thoughts on how to make amends. I did a bridal bouquet and my bride loved it. However, due to very little set up time, I had this bouquet in water and neglected to dry it properly before handing it to my lovely bride. As you can imagine, this wet and and soiled her dress right before she walked down the aisle. Though we were able to dry her soiled dress, she was understandably upset and the ceremony ran late as a result. What do you suggest I do?

My Mistake

Dear My Mistake:

I feel your pain.  You must be beside yourself right now.  In this case, I can only think to tell the bride how very sorry you are. Let me share a story with you. When I was just starting out, I lined an aisle with candelabras and used real wax candles. To my horror the wax from one of the candles fell onto my brides dress just as she was walking down the aisle.  She was very upset and so was the family. I was truly shocked and so glad she wasn’t hurt! I sent her a bouquet of flowers every months for six months post wedding. It did not solve the problem, but it did make her feel slightly better.

My dear friend, please understand that mistakes of this nature happen in life regardless of how well we plan. My advice to you is to apologize and forgive yourself. I am sure you will never make this mistake again. Perhaps you can send her flowers at least once a month for the next six month or a year. You can also ask her how to make it up to her (be careful with this as she might ask for a full refund).

Readers, what do you think this gentleman should do? Also, do you have the courage to share one of your worst mistakes?