Dear Preston: My Band’s Poor Fashion Choices Ruined My Wedding

Dear Preston:
Is there a dress code for Musicians?  I planned my own wedding and I am pleased to say that everything was perfect aside from the fact that I felt the singers and band members were dressed poorly for my black tie wedding.  One of the female singers was wearing a very revealing and inappropriate dress. It made me uncomfortable at my own wedding.  Should I say something? Ask for a refund? Let it go? What do you suggest?
Bad Fashion
Dear Fashion:
I am so pleased to know you were happy with your wedding aside from this, but I still wish you had a planner for your wedding. Any good planner would have insisted that your band members dress properly for your wedding.  Yes, there is a dress code for musicians. If you look at the photo above, you will see the musicians who played at a wedding we did at a castle in France.  We took it a step further, making sure they wore appropriate costumes for the location. I think you should tell the owner of the company exactly what you told me and see how they respond.  A refund may be tricky since they fulfilled their obligation which was to play music.
Readers: Do you think she should get a refund from her band because of their bad outfits?