Dear Preston: Its time to unite.


Dear Preston:

Its time to unite.

I am a planner in NYC., were there is many very well organized unions. We recently worked at Jazz in Lincoln Center, were there is a very solid union protecting the rights and hourly rates of all the employees, Do you think it’s time that we organize a wedding and events Union? You, been such an Icon in the event business, Is this something that you might be interesting in starting?

Its time to unite.

Dear Its time to Unite:

My answer is Yes, it would be amazing to have a wedding an event union, protecting the rights of all workers.
For those of you that do not know what a union is,
A union is an organization intended to represent the collective interests of workers in negotiations with employers over wages, hours, benefits and working conditions.
You might remember a movie by the name of Norma Rae, played by the amazing Sally Field, were she courageously fought for the rights to start a union.
Well, I can assure that I am no “Norma Rae”. I wouldn’t even know were to begin. However, I promises that I’ll look into it.

Dear Readers:

How do you feel about Unions? Do you think is time that we start a wedding and event union?