Dear Preston: Is silk flowers a good replacement for fresh?


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Dear Preston:
I am a florist, and I have a question. I live in a country with very hot climate, I have always used fresh flowers and I am tempted to start using only silk flowers, what are your thought?
Switching for fresh to silk.

Dear reader:

It’s true that the market for silk flowers have improve tremendously in the past few years; however, I still think that nothing beats the delicate touch and scent of real flowers. Don’t get me wrong! In fact, I have been fooled many times when I see a white phalaenopsis orchids thinking that is real.  And when I touch them, I realize they are not.

Ultimately, it boils down to what your clients want. I have met many clients that do not mind using silk flowers in a centerpieces, as long as they get to keep them after the event.

Personally I still love using mostly fresh flowers. Except of course for most of my ceiling floral treatments, those are mostly silk flowers.  I have a simple rule. If the guests can touch my flowers, they need to be real. Otherwise, they can be silk.
If I was you, make sure you check with your clients before switching to silk flowers instead of fresh flowers.

Dear floral readers, how do you feel about using silk flowers instead of fresh?