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Dear Preston,

I’m a florist in France, and I get so inspired by you and so many other wonderful American designers. But these last few weeks, I’ve been very surprised at the amount of press that Kim Kardashian’s wedding has gotten. It’s almost as if you consider this reality show person to be your country’s “royalty,” while almost no one in Europe knows who she is. Was this an American attempt to copy the real royal wedding?

A French Florist

Dear French Florist,

That’s an interesting question. But no, I don’t think America considers Kim Kardashian its answer to Kate Middleton. It’s true there’s been a lot of coverage of the Kardashian wedding, but I haven’t read any comparisons to the royal wedding. Kim Kardashian is a successful celebrity and a very beautiful one at that; her wedding, much like Kate Moss’ recent wedding, was celebrated and enjoyed by people who love weddings, celebrities and fashion and style trends. Personally, I think both Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian are trendsetters, and as someone in the the wedding and event design business, I was very curious to see what wedding styles they were drawn to; if my clients are paying attention to what celebrity as well as royal weddings look like, then I better be paying attention too!

Dear Readers, what do you think of “A French Florist’s” question? What’s your opinion? Which American celebrity do you think is most like Kate Middleton? Who is American “royalty”? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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