Dear Preston: Is It Even Possible To Do What This Client Is Requesting?


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Dear Preston:

I have been asked to design an event using no flowers and am at a loss.  Have you ever been asked to do this? If so, where do I even start?


Dear Blocked:

I understand where you are coming from (you know I love flowers), but design incorporates many different elements and we still have all of the other features to use, even without what is often the main focal point in our designs.

Draping, lighting, candles, projections, music, smell…these are just a few of the ways to design a dramatic event. Natural elements such as water, and even furniture can be used in transforming a space.  I think this is a great challenge for you, blocked.  As artists, we must always learn and grow and keep our the vision of our client in our mind while never succumbing to the idea that anything is impossible. Also, it is in moments like these that we can be truly innovative and unique.

Please send me a photo of what you design, I would love to see it!