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Dear Preston,

You’ve been in this business a long time. How do you stay passionate about your work? I worry that I’ll never be able to stay in this business as long as you have. I like to think I’m passionate, daring and creative, but I get bored easily. My business is highly rewarding, but it’s also extremely demanding. Sometimes, I’m not sure if it’s all worth it.

Look forward to reading your response,

Dear Bored,

It’s not easy. I think everyone in our industry considers giving up sometimes. I recently had a client who was dissatisfied with my work. So much so that she said working with me was the worst experience she had ever had with a designer. Naturally, I was devastated, and the situation made me question my business. But I sat down, took responsibility for what happened and thought about what I could have done differently. It was a harsh but important learning experience.

In the face of such experiences, it can be very hard to stay passionate and positive. But the wedding and event planning industry is all about creativity; as long as I continue to create, I continue to be passionate. Even with that unhappy client, the event I designed for her turned out beautifully. Maybe things didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but I was still creating and I was still passionate about my work for her. And that’s no small thing!

Truthfully, I love the fact that you bore easily, because that tells me you need to be in an environment where you’re always learning something new. Remember, one of the best things about our business is that every event is an opportunity to tackle a new challenge.

So, Bored, go easy on yourself! Try thinking of your work as praying meditation. As long as your work continues to be so rewarding, consider yourself very blessed.

Dear Readers, have you had days when just wanted to give up? What motivates you to keep going? And how do you bounce back from bad experiences with unhappy clients? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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