Dear Preston,

I own a start-up wedding and social celebration planning company. My question for you is on the wedding day, after I have set up and things are rolling, people are dancing, and nothing is going wrong, what should I do with my time? I always seem to be standing in the background supervising but don’t know if I can be checking on something else or prepping for the next step?

Keeping Busy

Dear Keeping Busy,

As a planner, you should feel very pleased when everything is rolling so smoothly! When I work with my good friend Marcy Blum and our event is going that well, one of my favorite things to do is watch a huge grin spread across her face. That’s how you should feel as a planner, too.

Nonetheless, there are always details that miss the mark. A planner’s job is to anticipate ahead of time what might go wrong AND be alert to what could be going better as the event takes place.

Here are a few wedding ceremony details that often the miss the mark:

1. Weddings rarely have enough ushers to accompany guests to their seats. This is a very special touch, but it can easily go wrong. This is a great way to involve relatives and friends who want to be a part of the ceremony. The more the merrier!

2. Guests want to see the happy couple’s faces as they say “I do.” If at all possible, have the bride and groom face the audience.

3. I love wedding aisles covered in beautiful rose petals. However, please make sure that the bride is not wearing a cathedral-length veil. Otherwise, it’ll look like she’s “sweeping” the petals as she walks down the aisle.

4. The more children you can include in the wedding ceremony, the better. Even if they have a complete melt down as they walk down the aisle, they’ll still make everyone smile. However, once the wedding ceremony begins, make sure that these cuties don’t ruin this momentous occasion. Assign someone to sit with them and keep them occupied.

5. One thing that really annoys me are the photographers who steal the spotlight during the wedding ceremony in order to get their shots. The photographer should not be the center of attention during the wedding! Truly amazing photographers will get the most gorgeous shots without intruding.

My suggestion to you, Keeping Busy, is to continue doing what you do best. Just keep observing and thinking about how you can improve the current moment as well as future events. Always be aware!

Dear Readers, where do you think most weddings miss the mark? How do you feel about intrusive photographers? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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