Dear Preston: I Just Agreed to do My First Wedding and I am Terrified!


Dear Preston:

I once read that you were asked to do a wedding while providing clients with flowers in their homes and simply said yes and then worked to figure it out. Well, it was with that in mind that I agreed to design my first wedding; I am both excited and petrified!  I know I should have asked this before, but looking back, would you do the same?


Dear Newbie:

Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself. Not only have you gone after your dreams career-wise and as an artist, but you faced fear down and seized an opportunity when it presented itself to you.

While you might see this as something that “just happened”, I see it as the next step in your process, and it is wonderful that you are able to say you are excited instead of just petrified. I have a feeling that it is only excitement and humility. The truth is that you worked hard for this moment and you have earned it.  My advice for you is to research, give your very best and to keep your eyes open. Keep a notebook or use the notes section of your phone to keep a running list of things that work and do not, for this is a lesson. You will make mistakes that only you will notice and perhaps some that others do (and that is OK; it happens), but you must also look at what you do right, what works and what you are proud of.

This is a big moment for you, Newbie, and I hope you enjoy this “first event” feeling with the many others that I hope will follow.

Readers: What’s your best advice for this reader?