Dear Preston: I feel like a loser


Dear Preston:

I feel like a loser. I went to a conference two weeks ago; that was full of professional planners and florist. What I found interesting is that all of them claim that they were doing fantastic and their businesses couldn’t be better. At the moment, I am struggling to make ends meet. Is it just me or some of these vendors are full of bull?


Dear Inadequate:

You are not a loser. In fact, you are incredibly brave to be able to open and honest in admitting, where you are. I think, most people including myself, we train ourselves to resist and be open about our business difficulties, for one simple reason, we come from a culture of believing that we should “fake it until we make it.”

The danger in “faking it until you make it” is that sometimes, we could be in a place of denial and delayed in confronting challenges. I have been in that situation many times. I do think you are right thou; there may be a few of those vendors that are full of bull…. Otherwise, what are they doing at the conference, if not hoping to improve their business?

If you may like, please write me at with your questions. And I’ll love to help or advice you based on my experience.

In the meantime, I applaud you for being vulnerable.



Dear Readers:

Do you feel that many a time vendors lie about their success? Do you find this to be an
acceptable practice?