Dear Preston: I Am Tired Of Giving Discounts!



Dear Preston:

At what point were you able to identify who your clients were? I have been in business for 10 years and though I am getting some clients who are willing to pay full price for my flowers, I keep getting those who want me to offer them a discount.  I am very passionate about my arrangements and put in a lot of hard work, but if I say no, I am afraid I will lose the business.  What do you suggest I do?

No More Free Flowers


Dear No More:

I think the real question is can you make a profit if you give a discount? If the answer is no, tell them to take a walk.  I know that is not an easy stance to take, mind you, but if you are truly passionate about your work, let them go. Identifying the right clients (ones who benefit and appreciate your work) is the key to your success.

I will add that you do not want to start competing with other florists who have little or no experience as they are likely giving away their flowers. I have found that the best way to grow your market was by adhering to one simple formula:

Under promise and over deliver.

Too many people do the opposite and it benefits no one. Not their business, not the client.

Question: Readers, please tell me your thoughts on this. Should this reader stop giving discounts? Also, how easy is it for you to pass up a job in this situation?