Dear Preston: I Am Losing Faith In My Designer

Dear Preston,
I am getting married this September and have a big problem in that I am losing faith in my designer.  Though I admired her work at a friends wedding (and she came highly recommended to me) working with her has been a challenge.   The problem is not her talent, it’s her insecurity.  Not too long ago, she showed me a gorgeous floral design and I expressed how much I loved it from the very moment I saw it.  Now, every time we discuss my wedding, she asks me if I really loved the design or if I was “just being nice”.  At this point, I am beginning to question it myself.  How can I tell her to back off without hurting her feelings? 
Dear I:
I understand your frustration but also want to encourage you to be patient with your designer.  Though she might sound like a bundle of insecurity, she is also a person.  Try to recognize that her heart is in the right place and she wants to please you.
As an artist, I can empathize with her.  Regardless of how beautiful a design might be, I always have the nagging feeling that it could be better.  The problem with this designer is that she has not yet learned the number-one rule of selling which is to “quit while you’re ahead”.  If your client is happy, so you should be.
My advice to you is to trust your initial instincts regarding her talent and indulge her by telling her how happy you are once more. You’ll be amazed at how a few simple words can help her.
What do you think?  Do you think this designer is being too needy?   Do you quit while you are ahead or do you continuously seek perfection?

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