Dear Preston: I am having two floral girls for my wedding.



Dear Preston:

I am having two floral girls for my wedding, and I would like you to shed some light based on your experience, following the traditions with using petals in abundance:

1. Do they always need to be throwing petals?  I was once a bridesmaid, and as I was walking down the aisle, almost slipped on those loose petals.

2. Do you have any other suggestion for my floral girls? Even though throwing petals is traditional for flower girls but any other suggestion would be helpful.

Dear FG:

I understand your concern and many a time accidents happen, but if you can think of the solution ahead of the time, then it can be avoided. Nevertheless, I still think that it is adorable to see those cute flower girls walking down the aisle spreading the flower petals.

Mostly, the flower girls are nieces or best friend’s daughters. What would be a better way than to let these adorable little girls be a part of the wedding as flower girls? But  I totally agree it could be slippery with the new party shoes, in particular on a marble aisle or a satin runner.  After a careful thought, for this reason, my fellow florist and I have come up with many other alternatives for the girls to carry something to represent the tradition.

It could be just as adorable to see them carry a basket of flowers, as you see lit basket in the above shared image. I think this was one of best ideas that we proudly executed, and our client was happy.

Dear Readers:

What do you think of the idea in the above image implemented by Preston Bailey Design? In today’s blog, I would like my fellow florist to give us all any other suggestions for cute flower girls to carry down the aisle and be a part of the wedding.