Dear Preston: I Am Going To Fire This Client For Not Allowing Me To Be Creative


Dear Preston

Dear Preston:

I am currently working with a client who is not allowing me to be creative.  She keeps telling me exactly what she wants for her event, and each time I make a suggestion, she shuts it down.  I am frustrated and about to walk away from this job.  I did not become a floral designer to be told how to design, thank you. What do you suggest I do?



Dear A:

At the risk of being harsh, I think you are allowing your ego to get the best of you.  In all of my years of doing business, I have encountered two kind of clients.  The clients that know exactly what they want and the clients who are open to new Ideas. Angry, you must keep your number-one responsibility in mind.  This, of course, is to offer our clients the best service we know how to give.  What that means is that we should be creative when we are allowed to be and simply please our clients when our creativity is not required. Being creative is also about knowing how to make your clients happy.  If I were in your position, I would simply give the client what she’s asking you to give to her. Produce it in the best way you know how and wait for the other clients who will require your talents for their events.

I cannot speak for you, but speaking on a personal note. I am not only in the business to create art, but also to make a living.  I would never consider firing a client simply because she knows exactly what she wants from me. I find that attitude to be completely self-serving.

Dear Readers: How do you feel about this situation? Do you feel I am being too harsh? What would you suggest?




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Photo Courtesy of John Labbe