Dear Preston: I Am Disappointed By Your Design



Dear Preston:

I am one of the students who attended your recent PB Protege course.  I want to first say that I loved being a part of the class and the way you transformed this raw loft in New York into a beautiful winter wonderland.  That said, I have to admit that I was disappointed in your decision to leave the ugly ceiling exposed. For someone who seeks perfection like you do, it seemed strange.  My clients would have never accepted that.

Seeking Perfection


Dear SP:

I first want to thank you for your very valuable feedback and I always encourage my students to speak their minds. I have to be candid with you, SP. I think you missed the point of transforming a raw space. I actually love imperfection. I love creating a dream world in a space that seems limited by its imperfection, thus I choose to show certain rustic elements such as the raw ceiling you mention.  In a way, I think it makes the project more accessible.  I wanted guests to see the certain rawness in this pristine wonderland.

In closing, I want to clearly state that, many times in the past, things being “too perfect” has left me feeling paralyzed.  As long as the environment feels wonderful that is perfect enough for me.

Dear Readers: Do you agree with my student? Should I have covered the ceiling in the above transformation?