Dear Preston:  I am a planner, and my bride is having a big wedding with 500 guest count.



Dear Preston: 

I am a planner, and my bride is having a big wedding with 500 guest count.

My only problem is that she wants to go with her regular florist, after having a couple of meetings, I strongly feel that they can’t handle a wedding of that size. I am worried and concerned as my client is firm on her decision about it.

What would you suggest that I do?

Dear Worried and concern:

Let me be blunt.  Your reputation is on the line, and the only way to deal with this situation is to be a diplomat.  Nevertheless, I applaud your new bride for her loyalty towards her florist, In fact, I think it’s sweet of her to go with her florist on her big day displaying so much trust.

I agree that you being a planner, you are one of the key people that are responsible for giving her an unforgettable wedding that stays with her forever.
Do not forget, here you are dealing with a bride that has built a relationship of understanding and developed mutual trust over the years working with this florist many times.

May I suggest the following:

1.  You might suggest to the bride, that the actual ceremony is one of the most important part of any wedding, and for that reason, a compromise here would be to let her florist do the flowers for the ceremony, and have another florist to do the flowers for the reception. And give your recommendations for the another florist.

2. Keep in mind, It could be a big day for the florist in question as well.  My biggest advise would be that you lend a hand of friendship to the florist, and give them all the
support they need, so that it becomes easy for them to deliver and for you to get the finished product without flaws.  It might evolve getting the additional help they need to pull off a wedding of this size.

3  If either of these suggestions does not work,  You might want, to be honest with your bride, and tell her in a clear and concise way, why is it that you think, her florist can’t handle this big size wedding.

Dear readers:

If it was you, would you be honest with your bride, and tell her that her florist is not good enough?  Or would you try to find another solution, If yes, then what is your advise for this bride?