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Dear Preston,

How do you think the legalization of gay marriage will impact the wedding industry?


Dear Curious,

I believe the legalization of gay marriage here in New York is a great victory for human rights and a great victory for the wedding industry. However, legal gay marriage shouldn’t change anything in the industry; those of us in the wedding and event planning business have always helped folks celebrate their love and commitment. It doesn’t matter whether we do that for a man and a woman, two men or two women. All marriage is about committing to love, and love is universal.

I think gay marriage is going to be a wonderful thing for the wedding and event planning industry in New York. But I also recognize that there are always hiccups and things that need to be worked out when it comes to the logistics of weddings. For instance, traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, but who will pay for gay weddings? Perhaps both sets of parents will split the bill. Of course, it has become increasingly common for couples to pay for their own wedding, so maybe gay couples will do the same.

No matter what, I know that I will treat gay couples just like I treat all of my other clients: my goal will be to give them the most dramatic and over-the-top event that their hearts’ desire.

I’ve done thousands of weddings, but, on a personal note, it has always bothered me that my partner, Theo Bleckmann, and I couldn’t take our marriage vows in our home state of New York.

That didn’t stop us from getting engaged five years ago on the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece, and, for awhile, we were happy enough just being engaged. But then gay marriage was legalized in Connecticut, and my dear friend Joan Rivers offered to host our wedding at her lovely home there. We didn’t take her up on her offer, but I am so grateful to Joan for her generosity and for always being there for me. At last, however, we can marry in New York, and we’ve started planning our wedding!


Dear Readers, how do you feel about gay marriage? Have you done any gay marriages? Would you do a gay wedding even if you don’t believe in gay marriage? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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