Dear Preston: How Much Did You Charge For That Arrangement?


Dear Preston

Dear Preston:

I am the owner of a floral shop who recently made a bet with my employees.  I am also an avid reader of your blog and Event Ideas.  You have always maintained that the escort card arrangements are an important part of event design being that it is one of the first things guests see when entering an event. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this.

In  this week’s Event Ideas, you displayed five different escort arrangements (all of which were over-the-top and fun).  My staff and I formed a betting pool in our office and based it on the second design.   After carefully counting all of the flowers, we came up with three different pricing options.  They were:

A. $3,000
B. $5,000
C.   $7,000
If you do not mind, would you please tell us how much you charge for that particular arrangement?  We’re dying to know.
Price Curious

Dear PC:


You are correct about my view on escort card arrangements; I always think that guests will remember this arrangement most often as it is the first one they see.  This arrangement sets the tone for the event and is a moment where couples can really “wow” their guests.  Before I answer your question, I would like to see if other readers would like to share their guesses as to the cost of the arrangement.

Readers: Do you think the price is closer to A, B or C?  Or do you have your own estimate?  Before you answer, please note that some of the flowers were hand made so please consider there was labor involved.

I’ll give you a breakdown of the cost tomorrow.



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