Dear Preston : how do you manage to come up with new Ideas?



Dear Preston:

I need your advice. I am an event designer, and my work is beginning to look like others. I have been so busy doing weddings that I do not have the time to think about creating new designs. I see your work online, and I noticed that it keeps on changing, how do you manage to come up with new Ideas?

Dear New Idea Bee:

First, I would like to applaud you for being a super busy year around. Obviously, you are doing something right for your clients to keep coming back to you.

Second, We as floral and event designers must put time aside to think about creating newer ideas. Just like the writers need to put time aside to write; similarly, the artist put time aside to paint, then why not the event designers following the same norm.

Third, I would recommend, putting aside at least an hour to reflect on your previous work so that you can come up new designs. Personally, I find morning time best suited to think about a unique idea since I am an AM person. For many years I have tried to put aside an hour or two each morning, just to work on New Ideas.

Lastly, Be mindful that coming up with new ideas and designs is a 24/7 process. You must see everything from a designer’s eye. For example, a tree is not merely a tree when one look at the same tree from an artist’s eye; one can redesign a simple tree in hundred of different ways. All you need to do is develop that mindset putting aside some time each day or week depending on your schedule to come up with new ideas.

Dear Readers:

Do you find it hard to come up with new ideas? If not, then how do you invent new Ideas? What is the source of your Inspiration?