Preston Bailey Dear Preston

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Dear Preston,

How do you live with yourself? I’ve been following you and your work for quite awhile, and what you do is over the top. It’s empty and soulless. Your clients are rich and insecure and have a desperate need to show off. How do you live with yourself knowing that you perpetuate their wanton lifestyle?

Poor and Confident

Dear Poor and Confident,

I am speechless. Before I write something that I might later regret, I’d like to sit with your strong words for a few days. I promise, however, that I will answer your question next Tuesday in this column

In the meantime, readers, what are your opinions? I want you all to know that I was very hesitant to even print this. But then I realized that this column is about you, my readers, and what you think. I refuse to shy away from difficult topics or ideas just because they may be hard for me to accept. So, I am printing this, and I would greatly appreciate your honest reactions. Do you agree with this reader? Is this something you have ever struggled with in your own work? Do you ever worry that you’re feeding a gluttonous beast by creating dramatic and expensive designs and events in a world where so many people face devastating hardships every day?

Please. It’s important to me to know your reactions. I suspect this issue is bigger than just one reader and myself. I think it’s something that the entire industry wrestles with. Let’s address this together. Share your thoughts with all of us in the comments.



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