preston bailey floral sculpture sylvia weinstock cake

Dear Preston,

My team and I do a lot of weddings and events, and they’ve all been amazing. Our brides and their guests love our work. But, for some reason, I feel like credit is not being given where it’s due. The venues seem to get a lot of compliments, but we don’t. Are there ways my team and I can get more recognition for our work?


Dear Unrecognized,

Every wedding and event requires collaboration among venue staff, florists, lighting designers, caterers, photographers, musicians, planners, and many more. And for every one of those vendors, the event is a crucial platform for securing future jobs. In a way, the guests become your captive audience for the evening. Naturally, you want those guests to recognize your part in bringing the event to life. However, you’ve got to be clever about getting that recognition. Very early on in my career, I began incorporating signature design elements into all of my work. That way, guests would immediately know that I had done the event. And that, folks, is why I started doing so many floral animals and sculptures.

Another example is my friend and wedding cake baker extraordinaire, Sylvia Weinstock. Sylvia always “signs” her cakes with a drawing of her iconic bold glasses. When guests see those black glasses, they know the cake is going to be especially delicious!

In other words, my dear “Unrecognized,” you need to create your own signature.

One thing that drives me crazy is when wedding and event planners use lots of different vendors and then don’t give their hardworking vendors proper credit with clients. Unfortunately, I know a few planners who do this, and it’s just plain wrong. Make sure that you are heralding your talented vendors just as much as you hope they’re heralding you!

It’s really quite simple: Spread the love, and I promise you’ll get love in return.

Dear Readers, do you have a signature style or design that lets guests know you’re behind an event? What is it? I’m dying to find out!

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