Dear Preston: How Do I Find the Best Florist for My Wedding?


Preston Bailey Red Flowers Centerpiece

Dear Preston,

I’m getting married in June and am looking for a florist who can capture the style of my wedding. I’ve interviewed sixteen florists, but I’m not sure that any of them get exactly what I want.

Four of them keep calling me, but when I ask them to show me a sample, they tell me that I have to hire them before they will show me anything.

How am I supposed to choose a florist without knowing exactly what I am getting?

A Frustrated Bride

Dear FB,

If, God forbid, you ever needed brain surgery, would you interview sixteen doctors? Would you ask to watch them operate on other people before choosing one? I’m sorry to be cheeky, but I hope you see my point.

Creating wedding flowers is not brain surgery, and I can’t help but wonder why you are having so much trouble just picking a florist. What’s preventing you from taking the leap of faith necessary to hire someone? I suggest that you call a couple of the florists you’ve interviewed and tell them you’ll cover the cost of their time and the flowers, if they will agree to create a sample for you.

If this doesn’t work, think about doing your own wedding flowers. Maybe you’re the only one who can truly create what you want.


Dear Readers, I hope you don’t think I was too blunt with this bride, but she’s the kind of client who really scares me. It’s incredibly difficult to please such folks. But what’s your opinion? Do you see something I don’t? What has been your experience?

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