Dear Preston: How Did You Bring a Fairy Tale To Life?


Dear Preston,

I fell in love with this photo when I saw it on the back of a magazine. I sent it off to a magazine company and they where extremely helpful in informing me it was done by your team. I was hoping you could tell me more about it.  It’s like looking into a fairy tale!


Dear Julia:

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.  This photo is from a wedding I designed in Carmel, CA.  I like to call it “Re-Inventing Mother Nature”.  Carmel and the surrounding areas are beautiful and we searched until we found the perfect location, a home with a large backyard.  Unfortunately, time had stolen most of what was in the backyard, aside from a beautiful tree.  There was no garden so we decided to create our own by taking the following steps:

  1. We connected with a wonderful grower in the area and were able to get lots of flowering potted plants.
  2. We built a gazebo with cascading flowers.
  3. We purchased lanterns to create the magical, fairy tale-like effect you reference in your kind letter.
  4. Finally, we placed a wooden runner down the aisle.

There is something very holy and magical about getting married with the sky as your altar.  That said, I must encourage all clients and vendors to have a rain plan!  In most cases, mother nature provides a gorgeous setting and in this case, we simply enhanced what was already perfect.


I am working mostly on outdoor weddings (as a florist or designer) this summer.    I’d love to know which you prefer–indoor or outdoor ceremonies–and why?