Dear Preston: How Can I Be Just Like You?



Dear Preston:

Thank you so much for your amazing blog yesterday. I have only been in business for two years, and even though I am open to learning, I always feel that others are judging me. What advice do you have for a newcomer who wants to be you?

Proud Millennial

Dear PM:

Unless you are a 6’1 black man with a bald head and a good heart, you will never be able to be like me. Forgive me for being a bit silly, but my point is to give you the best advice I can which is to follow your own path. I will share with you the five pieces of advice someone gave to me (which I felt was very helpful).

Are you willing to pick up a broom and clean the floors of an event if necessary? If you are, you are able to give good service without ego.

When working on a floral arrangement, do you find that you can spend five hours doing it and it feels like only an hour has passed? When we love what we do, time stops.

Are you in this industry for money and fame or is this a calling that speaks to your soul? There is no wrong answer here, I got into it because I was broke.

Being a floral designer is about 70% preparation and 30% arranging. Are you willing to do a lot of manual labor? You see, designing flowers is not as glamorous as it seems. One has to work their ass off.

Are you willing to create your very own floral and design look instead of following others? If you’re answer is no, my advice is to give up now.

I hope this helps you as much as it did me.

Florists and designers, will you comment on the questions above?