Dear Preston: Has A Client Ever Been Nasty To You Because Of A Design?



Dear Preston:

I am writing to you both crushed and disappointed. I am a designer and recently had a client approach me with a request for something that was very different. When I showed her what I thought was an amazing new design, she hated it.  She was so nasty about it, too! She told me “you do not listen at all!”  I thought I gave her exactly what she wanted, but with a twist; I was so hurt. How can a client be so mean? Have you ever such a thing happen to you?



Dear Brokenhearted:

Please go easy on yourself.  I cannot tell you how many times I thought I had “great ideas” for my designs only to have my clients tell me they hated it.  An example of one of these times can be seen in the photo above.  I had a client ask me to take a unique approach to her reception. I came up with this silly idea of decorating the ballroom with gigantic crystal shapes resembling wedding rings. Mind you, I thought this was a fantastic idea back in the day; very cool, to be candid. Well, my client flat out told me it was ridiculous.

I think one of the biggest issues with most designers is that they are afraid of taking creative risks. It’s no wonder that so many love trends; they require no courage. You took a design risk, and as an artist, I applaud you.  Your design may not be good enough for this particular client, but I am sure another might love it.  The world needs more designers like you.  If you truly felt your client was mean, maybe consider backing out of the job. There is not enough money in the world to warrant subjecting yourself to a mean client.

Readers: What advice would you give this artist?  Also, be candid with me? What do you think of the photo above? Do you agree with my client that it was a ridiculous design idea?