Dear Preston: Could you please give me some tips, how you manage to keep them looking perfect?



Dear Preston: 

I am very excited that I just got certified as a florist. My question is very basic, I notice that you
use tons and tons of flowers, could you please give me some tips, how you manage to keep
them looking perfect?

Excited to be a florist.

Dear E to Be a florist:
I think, this is a very good question. It takes a lot of very careful planning, for flowers to look
perfect at any given event.

Let me give you five general tips, as to how we try to keep our flowers looking perfect.

1. Preparing the flowers usually takes a lot of planning and preparation. I have known quite a
few florist that buy flowers a day before the event and set out to use them while they are close.
I think this is a huge shame. I think all flowers should be purchased a few days before and
allow them to open to perfection.

2. I do not believe in adding chemicals to water, to keep flowers longer. I think this is a huge
waste and it’s adding unnecessary chemicals to our environment. Most flowers are happy if you
just clean them properly and put them in the clean water.

3. Not all flowers are treated in the same manner. Some flowers like Hydrangeas and
phalaenopsis orchids stay best when kept in water, but keeping the top portion wrap, until ready
to be arranged. Branches on the other hands are best when you hammer (yes you heard me
correctly) the base of their stems.

4. Be careful when you are cleaning the roses. It is necessary and important to remove the
thorns. I was told once by a grower; that imagine if you puncture a straw, you would not be able
to drink properly, the same with a rose, if you do take the thorns off properly, then the rose can’t
drink water, and it will not open fully.

5. When planning to figure out the floral purchase, make sure you allocate at least 10% to 15%
more than the actual estimate. We usually do all our floral designs in-house, however, the day
of the event, we bring all these additional flowers that we got to the venue, and use these
flowers to do a careful edit. Lots of flowers get damaged, even when extra careful measures
are taken while transporting from our premises to the venue.

Dear Florist:
Could you please help this reader, by adding a few more of your tips?
I am sure; she’ll appreciate it.