Dear Preston: Can One Person Do The Job of a Florist, Designer, and Planner?


Dear Preston

Dear Preston:

I am getting married and I am hoping that you can help me gain a greater understanding of something. What exactly is the difference between a florist, an event designer, and a planner? I am interviewing someone and they claim to do it all, but I am not so sure. In your opinion, is this even possible?

Still Confused

Dear S.C.:

Thank you for reaching out; I understand your confusion and I will try to make this very simple for you. Many years ago, I started out as a florist. This meant that I focused solely on arranging flowers such as centerpieces, large arrangements, bridal flowers, etc. This is what most florists do: they come to your wedding and put the arrangements in place. After five years of doing this, I was approached by a client who did not like the walls of her venue and asked me if I could drape them. This is what led me to event design. A few years later, another client asked me to plan her wedding. I quickly learned my lesson. After taking an entire afternoon to set up one simple wedding, I decided planning was not for me. This is why I have a planner, Kathy Romero, on staff.

At times, these three areas work very close together in my company, but there is a difference and I will do my best to break these differences down in simple terms.

Florists are the folks who bring your floral dreams into reality by designing and placing flowers throughout your event. You should not expect floor plans or timelines from these professionals.

Event Designers are responsible for the overall look and design of your event. Floor plans, color choices, tablecloths, lighting, food presentation, invitations… anything, really, that has to do with the overall aesthetic of the event. Visuals are their job, not planning the execution of things such as your procession, walking down the aisle, etc.

Planners are the directors and producers of your wedding. These are the professionals who will be your advisors throughout the planning and the execution of your event. They are the ones in charge of budgets, logistics, timelines, etc. Do not expect them to design your wedding.

Can one person do it all? It really depends on the size of your wedding. If it is small, my answer is maybe. They might be multi-talented, organized, and free enough with their schedule to do it all, but if it is a larger event, absolutely not. I personally adhere to the idea that each area requires an expertise that is to0 complex to be handled by just one person.

Now, I will turn it over to you, dear readers. Do you think one person can handle the jobs of a florist, designer, and planner and do it properly?

I really look forward to your responses.




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