Dear Preston: Attracting Clients With Big-Bucks



Dear Preston:

My question is quite simple; If I were to join the online course that you began last week, would I be able to get the same high-end clients that you have?


Dear Curious:

Excellent question, I think there are two elements, which are essential to attracting clients with the big-bucks.

  1. Many years of experience and hard work;

Yes, It is true that it has taken me over 36 years of trial and error to be in a position to attract clients with  larger budgets. The good news is that I had my very first high-end client within ten years after I started my business. If you are lucky, you might even get one sooner.

  1. One needs to provide, A service, product, or designs that are different.    Most hi end clients are constantly in the market for designs never seen before. 

I assure you that creating designs that are very different and unique is easier said than done.

I can’t tell you, how many designs that I have shown to the former clients, that they hated.

However, I continue to push myself to the limits of creating something different each time even if these designs sometimes do not sell.

In my recently launched PB Protege Masterclass, I have tried to share many of the mechanics that we at PB Design have used to create many floral statements.  We also addressed the delicate issue of pricing.  I am still a firm believer that we should all be paid properly for our services, there is no reason that we should be working for free.

I have created the format of the online PB Protege Masterclass with the intent of pointing you in the right direction but I can’t show you the way. In the end, you have to work on finding your own way, as you pave the way in creating your own business universe.


Dear Readers:

Could you please share with my “curious” reader, how long it took you to attract your first high-end client? And how did you do it?