Dear Preston: A Potential Client Was Rude To Me


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Dear Preston,

Recently I had a great first meeting with a bride. I’m one of two popular florists in my area, and this bride loved my work. Her wedding is also going to be one of the biggest in our area this year.

After our meeting, I was sure I was going to get the job. But then a week later I found out she was going with the other florist. I was very disappointed, but I accepted it.

What I found shocking, though, is that I never even got an email from the bride letting me know she was going with someone else.  I feel so angry and hurt at her rudeness.

What should I do?


Dear Shocked,

I empathize with you as this has happened to me more than a few times. It’s really very simple: some clients have a difficult time saying no, and they’d rather just ignore the situation.

I don’t mean to make excuses for this bride, but it sounds like the idea of telling you no was very hard for her — after all, she really liked you and your work. Over the years, I’ve learned to stop trying to figure out why clients choose the vendors they do. You never know, maybe the other florist has a long history with the groom’s family. It could be anything.

Write the bride the sweetest letter possible: wish her all the best for her wedding and marriage, and let her know that you’re always available if she needs anything at all.

About a year ago, I ran into a former potential client, and she told me the only reason she didn’t hire me was because she worried my company was too high profile. Like I said, you just never know.

After you’ve written the bride your letter, let it go, and move on.


Dear Readers, has this ever happened to you? Would you have the courage to ask a bride why she decided to hire someone else?

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