Dear Planner: Would You Consider Doing This For Me?

Preston Bailey Bride Ideas, Lady with Shoes

Preston Bailey Bride Ideas, Lady with Shoes

Dear Readers:

We can never really know what it feels like to walk a mile in the shoes of someone else, but in the spirit of understanding, I thought we might do our best to give it a try. There’s no denying that planners are the leaders in any event, but what about other vendors working with the planners?  Since seamless events require synergy and respect, I thought it might be useful to reach out to several colleagues and ask them what they would like to ask a planner to do in the spirit of getting the (best) job done. Here are their requests:


There are times when guests will take home items such as vases, candles, and other elements. Since these items are a part of our inventory and we make a living by reusing them, it would be helpful if you could let your clients know that they will be charged for missing items.

Event Designer

It’s often easy to overlook the time required to set up an event properly. When you are negotiating contracts and deals, please consider telling clients that they might need to rent the locations a bit longer.  We do not like to be setting up when guests arrive.

Lighting Professional

Because lighting is the first thing that goes up, please do your best to get us in the night before. Most hotels do not mind this. Also, please consider the benefit of existing hanging points when choosing a location.

Cake Maker

Please do your best to explain that it takes a long time and a whole lot of effort to make those beautiful sugar flowers. These kinds of details turn a cake into “art”. Also, please be considerate of the time and temperature required when serving a cake. They need to be served at the agreed-upon time. We had one planner leave the cake out in the sun and it started to melt!

Bands and DJ

Please have the hotel or client consider that we are there early and usually stay quite late and would appreciate being fed.


Many times we have clients complain that the food was served late. In order to do this, we need a proper wait staff. Please do not cut the amount of servers to cut costs. Your guests will suffer.

Invitation Professional

Triple-check the names of guests, especially if doing calligraphy.  Also, last-minute changes are common so have a calligrapher on-site.

Hair and Make-Up

We are happy to do make-up and hair trial, but they take time. Please consider including a fee for this time in your budget.

I believe this to be a healthy list of suggestions, do you?

Planners:  What are the challenges you face when trying to accommodate these suggestions?

Vendors:  Do you have any more to add?





Monday:  Planning Contracts.


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