Dear Clients: Thank You



Dear Readers:

Though I am often writing about mistakes I have made and challenges I have faced in the hopes of helping some of you avoid making  and facing similar ones, today I would like to use my blog to share my gratitude.

I feel it is so important to acknowledge the generosity of others, the universe, and yes, even a flower that offers you a peaceful moment or a whiff of its lovely fragrance. This morning, I awoke with a great sense of joy and appreciation–for life, my business, my staff, my partner and all of the exciting projects that I am working on. In the next couple of weeks, I will be on one of the most beautiful parts of the country: Big Sur, California, working for a client who is not only a genius, but someone with an amazing ability to visualize his event down to the most minute detail. Both he and his lovely bride-to-be have been an amazing fountain of inspiration.

My staff and I are working on a never-before-seen make-believe world that I am excited to help create. I want to thank my clients for trusting me with their vision. Now, I pray to the event gods to allow us to execute this job in the exceptional way we intend to.

In today’s blog, I would like to celebrate our clients. Please share an exciting project you are working on or send a note of thanks to a recent or present client.

With Gratitude,