Could planners be your best allies or your worse road block?



Dear Readers,

I honestly think that event planners are the heart and soul of the event industry.
I always hesitate, in taking on any job, that does not have a planner who is excellent in handling everything like a pro. It’s a blessing when I get to work with a planner, who I have worked with before and know that he or she is wonderful by all means.

Recently, I was asked in an interview for giving them five best reasons for working with a planner and five worse experiences working with a planner as well. Here are my answers, sharing with you all.

Five best reasons for a florist or designer, to work with a planner who is competent and understands social interactions very well:

1. A planner could be your best ally when it comes to explaining your price quote to a client as she or he has a better idea of the cost based on quality and design.

2. A planner could be your best source, in describing you the client’s vision. Because planner is the first person who they hired and placed trust towards planning their event and shared their ideas.

3. A competent planner is helpful for organizing and creating the timeline with the vendors, further addressing the vendors or venue concerns ahead of time when it comes to the installations of the wedding. Making sure each vendor is in the right place at the right time.

4. A planner could play a key role in getting you a job, by educating the bride, explaining the client as what it entail to carry out their work and how “you” as a designer could be the best fit.

5. A competent planner takes care of all her vendors at an Installation site. She or he makes sure that all the vendors and their crew evolved are fed who are working long hours on design, florals, and lighting, etc.

Five worse reasons to avoid working with a planner or preparing oneself for the worse based on my experience working with quite a few planners in this industry:

1. On the top of my list, are those planners who collect 10% to 20% commission without the clients knowing. You must understand if a client knows, I have no problem with this whatsoever.

2. The planners who want to project that they are their client’s best friends, and bargain the pricing. These planners have been long enough in the industry to understand that comprising on the pricing mean changes. Also, they look good by making you drop the pricing but as a vendor, you lose money.

3. Some planners who act as a boss leaves no opportunity to scream and be rude, especially when vendors are working on the installation for the job.

4. The planners who project experience, but in real, they don’t have much. I think one must have a five-year planning experience. It’s not a good idea to put other vendor’s down repeatedly telling them that you have experience underneath your belt when you don’t. I would like to advise these planners to have patience and work hard before you can say, “I am big.”

5. I hate to see planners leaving sometimes before the event is finished. A planner who does not stay at an event until the very end is almost abandoning their client and walking away from their responsibility knowing that it is a very special day for your client. I urge them to think twice before they do it again.


What is your experience working with the planners? Do you agree with my answers? If not, could you please share your opinion. I would like to hear your unique perspective and experiences working with planners.