Community Wedding Planning


As you know, I have worked with thousands of brides in my 30 years of being in business. I have learned many things about them, but mainly the following:

  • This wedding is one of the most exciting day of their lives.
  • They want the wedding to be a reflection of who they are.
  • They love sharing this day with dear friends and family
  • They want this to be an affair to remember.

Also, I have noticed that most new brides feel a bit isolated. In many occasions, this is their first wedding. They come to me looking for my opinion and validation that I gently and honestly give them.

However, I thought about how wonderful it might be to create a community where all these excited brides could actually communicate with each other. Where they can share their ideas, choice of gowns, locations, likes, dislikes , etc.–with each other.

After a lot of testing and development, I proudly present my new Facebook app for all you new brides–and also us folks in the industry. We might just get a new glimpse into what our potential clients have in mind.

What is the number one request you get from most new brides? What do you feel is the most important element of a wedding?