Common Mistakes: When To Say No



I want to thank you all so much for taking the time to share your wonderful feedback yesterday.  I followed the advice of the majority and respectfully declined the client.

Being in the service industry,  I subscribe to the old-school way of thinking which is that the client is always right.  This situation (along with your feedback) set a new thought-process in motion. I started to wonder when is it OK to say no to clients and potential clients?

Looking back through my history of service, I was able to identify the top four reasons to say no.

  1. When clients ask me for a “deal” of some kind (even if I do not make a profit).
  2. Clients who asked me to lower my prices with the suggestion that I will get other clients from their event.  The problem with this stems from the fact that those new clients may expect the same discount.
  3. Clients who bring me bills from other vendors and expect me to “beat” their prices. Yes, folks, this has happened on several occasions.
  4. Clients who insist on paying the majority of their bill after the event takes place. Please do not even consider doing this one.

Throughout my career, I have learned a great deal by making many mistakes. Some of those mistakes are never worth repeating. I have found the best way to avoid future frustration is to simply say, “No, I am sorry. I can’t”.  After all, a loving “no” to the world may be the best way to say “yes” to yourself.



Question: If placed in any of the situations listed above, how would you manage? Would it be easy for you to say no? Why or why not?

(Photo courtesy of  The Opposite of Tomato)