Common Mistakes: Wearing More Than One Hat

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1960s fashion preston bailey blogDear Readers,

Many of you may have noticed that our industry is changing.  Most vendors are very happy in their chosen field because it is their passion. Unfortunately, many vendors are also starting to find it difficult to wear only one hat.  I started out as a florist, and although flowers are still a huge driving force behind my work, I quickly realized that to make a living in New York City, I needed to offer other services. It is for this reason that I started to offer several services, specifically planning.

I am not alone in this realization, as I know of many professionals who are now offering more than one service to their clients.

Planners are now working as floral designers. Florists are offering invitations and planning. Caterers are offering floral design and planning services. I even know of a band that offers floral design!

The mistake I made was to think that I could be a planner just because I wanted to be one.  I felt that working with so many planners meant that I could easily start planning myself. Huge mistake! It took me a while but I finally realized that I needed to hire someone who specialized in planning, had a lot of experience and could give their full attention to meeting the planning needs of my clients.

I have no problem with a business offering a variety of services. In fact, I encourage it.  The problem I have is offering services without experience while undermining those who actually have the know how.  I know of several floral businesses who are suffering because of this practice.

Please share your opinion on this topic.  Should we all stick to what we do best or do we need to understand that our industry is growing and that we all might need to wear more than one hat? Have you personally been affected by this practice?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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