Common Mistakes: Watching "Train Wreck" TV

Crashed Television

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When did TV programming stop being about information and entertainment, and just become a bunch of crazy people with bad behavior?

If you are in the event industry, I have a question for you. How often have you actually encountered one of these bad behavior “bridezilla” type clients? More importantly, how often do you actually behave like a rude ass with them?

For me, the answer is: not often at all. I must be in another world. In my 30 years of being in business, I have only had to dismiss a client twice for questionable behavior. (I remember being really affected by those experiences.)

I take great offense when our industry is portrayed as this chaotic, frenetic environment full of folks with “the more issues the better” in the name of entertainment. They love exaggerating the ugly drama and show less and less of the beauty in what we do.

I also object to the constant need to compete to be “the best.” It seems to me that anyone who constantly seeks this outside acknowledgment to be deemed “the best” is already lost because he or she has forgotten the true satisfaction that comes from creating art or following a passion. My own belief is that these folks have strayed from what is important to them and needs to find their way back to what will make them happy.

I have been asked countless times to be a judge on some of these reality shows, and I have graciously turned them down for the same reasons. I prefer empowering folks to be their best, not put them down by sending the message, “you are not good enough.” I understand that we all want our 15 minutes of fame, and that these shows can provide great exposure for any artist just starting out, however, enough with the “train wreck” formula.

I wonder, what do you think about the “train wreck” reality shows? Of course there are some good ones (what can I say? I’m only human)–which show is your favorite?