Common Mistakes: Thinking You Have the Job Because a Potential Client Likes You


Sometimes we get mixed signals. (Image via Joop)

Clients can be very fickle. Based on my own experience, this can happen: A new client comes in, we have a great meeting, they love my work, at times we even have a great connection, but to my surprise they end up hiring someone else.

Over the years, I have reached out to them and there are three main reasons they have given me:

  1. Number one reason: cost.
  2. They thought someone else might capture their vision better.
  3. They were concerned that I am too “over the top” and not able to do simple and understated.

To address the cost issue, after explaining very clearly how I arrived to my cost, it is what it is. I could either lower the price and get the job, while making less of a profit, or I could pass. I have been know to do both (less so the lowering part).

Regarding the second point, there is nothing I can do except hope that my next client can trust my abilities to make them happy.

With the third reason, well, they are partly right. Even though I can design simple and understated, I definitely prefer designing drama. I have always said that nature in general is very dramatic and over the top, so why not our designs?

The best way to look at this is that you need to be yourself. Convey to the potential client that your only hope is to give them the best service possible, and hope for the best.

What are the three reasons that, in your experience, a potential client has gone elsewhere?