Common Mistakes: Thinking Most Clients Prefer Talent and Quality Over Value


(Image via James Cridland)

I am in awe at the amount of talent that has developed in the event industry in the past few years.

There are lots of original and inventive designers, photographers, bands, planners, not to mention the catering industry with its amazing food and presentation.

I made the mistake a few years ago of believing my work was so original that I’d have clients knocking down my door, and for a while they did.

However, in the past few years I learned a very humbling lesson. In order to get clients in today’s market, we need to learn to add value to what we are selling.

We need to ask two simple questions:

1. Are your products and services different and original?

2. If you think they are, can clients get something similar cheaper?

This should be at the core of every single sale we make. You need to convince your clients you are talented and unique. Yes, this is 50% of your sale.

You also need to make them feel like they cannot live without the design or service you offer and, here comes the tricky part, even if they can get it cheaper have them still go with you because they know they are getting a great value.

Adding value to what you are selling is essential. We’ll talk more about this on next Monday’s Venting post–10 basic rules to add value and get clients.

A lot of us are losing jobs because our clients are getting it cheaper form other vendors. Do you think a client should hire you because you are talented or because you are cheaper? In my humble experience, quality and talent is always more costly.