Common Mistakes: Thinking Flowers Are Too Fragile


fresh flowersI can’t tell you how many times I have heard my clients mention that If I install a job too early in the day the flowers will be wilting once the event begins. There is this great misconception that flowers are way more fragile than they actually are.

I am sure the florists would agree with me. The big secret is about how you take care of the flowers and how you plan the installation.

We have been know to do very elaborate sculptures with flowers, sometimes even out of water, and they last just perfectly. A great example, of course, is the hand-tied bridal bouquet. These bouquets can usually survive over 12 hours without wilting (depending on the type of flowers chosen).

Here are some tips for using flowers in events:

  • It’s vey important that the flowers are fully open and strong on the actual day of event. So, it’s up to you to figure out the correct timing of when to buy and when to put them water. I feel like I’m cheating my clients of the beauty of flowers if I use them closed.
  • I learned about the longevity of flowers out of water by testing them myself. Here’s how you can test: buy flowers, and put them in water until open fully. Then, take them out of the water and leave at room temperature to see how long they last before they start wilting. This practice is very important as you make hand-tied bridal bouquets or floral sculptures.
  • I have been asked a thousand times if I use silk flowers in my events. The answer is, yes, sometimes I do for ceiling installations. My rule is a very simple one. If a guest or client can actually reach out and touch my flowers, they are always fresh. If they can’t, sometimes they are silk.

How do you feel about using silk flowers in your events? Do your clients mind? Do you ever mix fresh and silk flowers together?