Common Mistakes: The Round Up


I realized today that I’ve been writing this blog (on and off at first, but more consistently within the past year) since 2007. Wow, that’s a long time.

In general, I’m so caught up with the day to day comments and looking forward to what I’ll be writing tomorrow or next week, that I don’t take the time to look back and review what I’ve already written.

I think there are some great Common Mistakes we’ve discussed in the past, so I thought I’d do a round up of my top 5.

Common Mistakes: “This is Not What I had In Mind”
Have you ever heard these words? Find out what you can do to avoid them the next time.

Common Mistakes: Business Finances
Here are my top 10 tips on how to make money
10 Tips to Make Money

Common Mistakes: Not Having a Plan B
You have to plan for the unexpected. Read more…

Common Mistakes: Thinking Small
The only way to keep growing and changing is to think big.

Common Mistakes: Indulging Clients with Big Dreams and Small Budgets
The title says it all…

Are there any Common Mistakes you’d like me to cover that you haven’t gotten much information about so far? Or, please share with me your top Common Mistake and how you learned from it.