Common Mistakes: Skimping


At what point does one say, “No I cannot do this job without skimping on everything”? I have been in this position many times, and every time I have taken the job the clients have not been happy and neither have I.

I completely understand that these are challenging economic times. However, if a client cannot afford to invest money to “have it all,” she is going to have to make choices on what is most important. At times, unfortunately, decor is what goes first. (As for me, who needs to eat? If it looks magical…but then maybe that’s just me.)

(Empty wallet image via Katerha)

Here’s what I think is important for any event (from most important to least). After reading my list feel free to change the order, depending on what you think is most important, and post your list in the comments. Here I go:

1. Decor. Of course I’d say decor. Yes, one can live on beauty alone in my book.
2. Food. One can have a lot of flexibility when it comes to food options and pricing.
3. Location. One can also have a lot of flexibility with location.
4. Choosing a planner. I know I am going to get into a lot of trouble with all my planner friends who would have put this as #1.
5. Music. This is what brings a party to life…
6. Photographer. One can make all the memories by giving a great party, but if it’s not properly recorded, what’s the point?

Of course, ALL of these are necessary for almost any event, however, if you were a client and had to skimp on any of the above, what would go first? (Please don’t say decor!)